KB0002: Where to Start

Description - Congratulations on choosing the most sophisticated and feature packed Mobile application Platform for your Club and it's members.

We're now ready to get building.  There are some decisions to be made over the next few days, some IT technical functions that need to be dealt with in this first week and some collecting and gathering. The more effort you put into these first couple of days, the easier it all becomes in week 2.

Required Information

We will need the Required Information document as shown to be completed and returned to us on support@clubsalive.com.au.  We require this information so that we can begin the build of your platform.  Please read the document carefully and address the details. You can download the Required Information document here.

Step 1 - The first decision to make is... "The Main Contact:  This is the person at your club that will be responsible and maintaining the Application Platform, follow the document and move to:-  Company Details - Company Name - Company Trading - Account Profile - Application Name - Technical Contact - Tester emails - Description - Keywords - Rewards points Provider - POS System Partner - Graphics.


We recommend using something generic because people change jobs and email addresses get re-assigned and removed so by using something like admin@ or management@ it is less likely you will need to change the login details at some point in the future. However, you can use any email address for the login. Once you have selected a login email address, fill it in the form.  Once this is returned to us we can then set up your login details to your web portal where you can begin to populate your portal.

Step 2 - Start collecting information to fill in the form.

  • Club logo for the iTunes Store - this will be your app logo and should be representative of your Clubs branding and corporate image
  • Club colours - your Club will have a set of colours that are representative of everything you do when promoting your Club. They will be on your logo, your website, your letterhead, your email newsletter and anything your send out to market and advertise your Club. Your new mobile app is another critical representation of your Club's ideals and ethics so you need to build your app using the same branding colours.


  • Images - start collecting high quality images of your Club and your Club activities.  Once you start to populate your portal you can see where the images sit by downloading Kickatinlong from the Apple Store or from the Google Play Store.  The size of the image is requested in the portal.  It is most important to use the correct size of the image that is requested as this populates the area where the image sits.  You can use the images from your Library that you use for your website or for your club advertising and they can resized to the correct size to upload into the portal.
  • Copy - There are areas in your app you can populate very early in the building process that will require a few lines of text describing your Club and the facilities at your Club. You might already have some of this copy on your website and we would recommend using what you already have to populate your app however, your app is a 'mini' and mobile version of your website so you won't need long ad cumbersome dialog to describe your Club and your Events. Shorter more concise descriptions are a lot more effective in an app. Typically we have found only four of five lines of descriptive text works best. Make an impact by keeping it short and 'to the point'.

Step 3 - Facebook integration is a component that delivers an ability for your members to post entries onto their Facebook wall telling their friends where they are and what Events they are going to attend. Building 'community' amongst your members is a critical component of your marketing. In order to enable the Facebook integration, you will need the Username & Password login for your Clubs Facebook page. Now is the time to gather that information and have it ready for the building phase.

Tip: The Clubs ALIVE! Support Team will assist you along the way with any queries that you might have to make this process as simple as possible. Once these steps are completed, they are done and out of the way. Once your app is built, most of what you will do in the future is 'maintenance'. Whilst some of these tasks might seem daunting, when you see your mobile app come to life on a device it becomes very rewarding and above all else, you are learning new skills that will benefit your Club and your Club members for many years to come.

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