KB0003: Hints & Tips

Description - This is perhaps one of the most important support articles in the early stages. If you follow the helpful advice provided in this Knowledgebase article, you will save yourself a whole world of heartache over the next two or three weeks. Like any new skill, others before you have 'paved the way' and made the mistakes so you don't have to. In the sections below, your Clubs ALIVE! Support Team are going to provide you with as much information as possible to up-skill you and your marketing team.


Images - This is probably the single most issue likely to cause you grief. Done right, it is simple and effective to complete the steps to get good images, in the correct file format and in the ideal sizes. You might already now some of this however, for completeness, we have provided a full explanation. In the mobile world, images are everything so better quality images will make your app stand out from the competition.

  • Gather as many images as possible before you start resizing and adjusting to suit your app
  • The image size requested in the web portal is the size that you must use as that is the size of the area in the app that has to populated and you can see where the images sit by downloading Kickatinalong from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.
  • The best image file format is .PNG (this is a very common file format, .JPG files will work however, we recommend .PNG files)
  • There is a place for generic images and a place for images that are pictures of YOUR Club and it's facilities - start collecting both types
  • Photoshop will do everything you need do but so will many other software applications, even Paint can resize larger images down to the ideal size for using in your mobile app so just use an application with which you are familiar
Logo - There is a lot of information within the Knowledgebase about logos.

This is one of the most critical areas you need to address very early in the whole process. Studies have shown if your logo in the iTunes Store lacks professionalism, it is less likely your members will download your app to their device. Your logo MUST represent your Club and at the same time, it needs to look appealing and 'classy' both one the device and in the Store. The following items will help you get the best icon possible.

* Your Club logo may need to be changed to WORK in a mobile app icon - because of the size and where it sits in the app.

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