KB0005: The App Store Icon

Description - The App Store icon is one of the most critical pieces of branding for your new app. The icon becomes the new front door to your marketing activities. It is the first thing your members will see so you need to create the best possible impression. It is well known that mobile phone users will be more likely to download you app and keep it on the phone if the icon looks good. If your Club has a graphic design professional that has worked on your website, this person will probably be the best resource to use in creating your icon.

If this is not an option for you, your Clubs ALIVE! Support Team can organise to have the icon designed and created along with the other required background images for you at a very reasonable cost. The following guide is designed to help you create the best looking app icon possible. If this is not your skill set, we strongly urge you to have these graphics created by a professional graphic designer to ensure your app looks its best.

Step 1 - The first step is to collect an image that represents your logo. Ideally this image will be a file on a computer and it will be in either a .PNG or .JPG file format. The image will be the same one you have used on your website and you will need it in the size requested in the web portal.  The icon being built is 1024 x 1024 pixels so the logo file needs to be this size only. Stretching images to make them larger decreases the effectiveness and clarity of the image. The following image was the starting point for the Bribie Island RSL.

Tip: The problem with the above image is that when you condense it down to an icon that is going to appear on a mobile phone, the text becomes so small you can't actually read it. Whilst this is the official logo and colours for the Bribie Island RSL, it appears ineffective and unprofessional when placed inside a typical mobile app icon

Tip: When the Club redesigned the logo for the app icon and combined it with the branding colours, the end result not only looks professional but represents the Club in a modern and appealing way that will entice members to install and keep on their device

Step 2 - You need to collect the colour references for your Club. In the example used above, Bribie Island RSL provided their Clubs ALIVE! Support team with the three main colours they use in all of their branding. (RGB colours = orange 247,148,30 green 174,174,38 purple 92,26,87) These colours should be used as a background colour for your logo and will be used in other areas like your apps text, menus and buttons. Keeping the colour references handy while you are building your app is strongly recommended. Whilst the background colour used in the above logo is not one of Bribie Island RSL's branding colours, it was the colour and effect they used on their new website so we made the app icon match the website.

Step 3 - Send the logo image file (adjusted if necessary as per comments above) and colour references to your Clubs Graphic Person who will create a professional looking icon ready for the app store.

Tip: This is how we think your Club is best presented in the iTunes App Store! See our Knowledgebase articles for creating buttons and the splash screen for help on generating the best images for your mobile app. As we pointed out at the beginning, your icon, splash screen and background images are probably some of the most important images to get right from the outset. For a relatively small expense, you can have a professional graphic designer relieve you of the task and create a suite of images you will be proud to show on your members mobile devices. We strongly recommend you have these images designed and created by a professional and in keeping with your Club's branding.

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