KB1003: Manage Locations

Description - This is where you will manage your location(s). If your Club has more than one location, we suggest you start by creating your 'primary' location first.

Step 1 - Login to your App Management Portal at http://cloud.clubsalive.com.au using the credentials provided by the Clubs ALIVE! Support team

Step 2 - To Add a New Location, enter a name for the location in the Location Title and details about the location in the Location fields below. (Creating a location is a key step to adding all of the app content that needs to hang from the particular location. Once you have added a location, the options for Events and Promotions will suddenly appear on your Main Menu)

Step 3 - Enter Contact details and Social Media details in the appropriate boxes (See KBxxxx: Create a Facebook ID for details about how to create your Facebook ID)

Step 4 - Select the appropriate Amenities and Open Hours from the next sections. The Open Hours will appear EXACTLY as you display in these fields.

Step 5 - Enter a Description for your Location. This Description will be seen by your members when selecting the Club Info menu item in your app. Make sure you provide a dynamic, descriptive and engaging representation of your Club for members.

Step 6 - Select Choose File to add images of your Club. You can add as many images as you wish. The images scroll sideways and the better the images - the better your Club app will look.

Step 7 - Click Add Location to save your new location.

Congratulations! You have just added your Club details to your new mobile app. Very shortly, your app will be LIVE! and members can start engaging with their Club. Don't forget to keep the information up to date, keep the images coming and take pride in your new mobile app. Now that you have created a new Location, it's time to move onto the next stage - Managing Promotions.

Tip: If you have extra locations, promote them by adding to your app or contact the Clubs ALIVE! Support team about getting separate apps for the other locations. Each app is listed in the AppStore under its own name so your members can find you!

Warning: Deleting your location will remove Events and Promotions from your build. It will also remove any Facilities and Dining you may have already populated for that location so it is important to remember that if you ever delete a location, you are effectively starting your build from scratch. You can edit your location so there should be no need to delete a location unless the location no longer exists.

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