KB1004: Manage Restaurants

Description – In this section, you are going to create your dining areas in your app.  If you have a restuarant, bistro or coffee shop theses dining areas can be added to restuarants.

Step 1 – Click on Club Locations and on the right you will see Manage Restaurants click there where you can begin to add your dining areas of your club.

Step 2 - Click on Manage Restuarants 

Step 3 - Add  Restuarant Name,  Location,  Contact  Opening Hours. 

Step 4  -  Add description -  A short and precise descritpion is desirable as people don't read long messages.  Upload an icon 56 x 50 being sure to use this size so the sits in the right position.   Choose images from your library relating to your restuarant or have your graphic person to create an image of your cafe or restuarant.  Choose the image file dimensions: 1024x768 as requested.

Step 5 - Add your restuarant menus - Add menus, Menu name and choose a file.  Click save and you have added your restuarant.

Tip: Images can be changed at any time – getting all of your images ready before you start saves many hours along the way!

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