KB1005: Manage Facilities

Description -  This is where we add the facilities of your club.  You may like to advertise your Keno & Tab Bar, Kids Club, Bottle Shop, Courtesy Bus, or Members Lounge. You probably need to have no more than five or six facilities.

Step 1 -  Open Manage Locations in your web portal and on the left hand side you will see Manage Facilities.  Click here and then you can add your facilities.  Here we have added Keno & Tab Bar.

Step 2 - Name your facility Tab & Keno Bar. Fill in the Location Information, Contact and Opening Hours of the Tab Bar. Write a short description of the venue in the Description box.
Chose an image for the icon, the icon sits in the menu on the home screen of the device. Use the required dimensions as requested and it is essential to use these dimensions so the icons sits correctly.
Add an image of the facility making sure you use the required dimensions as these images need to populate the area in the device. Once you have added the image click save and your facility has been loaded.

Quality images delivers a quality experience to your members! Short and precise text will add value to your message.

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