KB2001: Facebook Integration

Description - This article describes the process for creating the Facebook Integration between your Club's Facebook page and the new mobile app. By integrating Facebook into your app, your members will be able to automatically post information about the Events and Promotions at your Club to their Facebook 'wall' and inform all their friends what they like and where they are going. This feature is entirely optional and a member does not need to be logged into Facebook to use all of the features of the app. It is entirely up to the user if they wish to post entries to their 'wall' from the app.

Step 1 - If you haven't already done so, go to Facebook and log into your clubs account or follow the instructions there to create an account specific to your club and log into it.

We strongly recommend that you do NOT use someone's personal account in case that person ever needs to leave the club in the future.

Step 2 - Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com and click the Apps menu item at the top of the page

Step 3 - Click Register as a developer from the drop down menu

Step 4 - If you accept the Facebook Platform Policy and Facebook Privacy Policy, click the switch to the Yes position and click Next.

Step 5 - Enter the phone number you would like to use for your app.

We strongly recommend to NOT use someone's personal number in case they leave the club.

Step 6 - Click either Send as Text if you are using a mobile number or Send via Phone Call if you are using a landline number under Get Confirmation Code. You will receive a confirmation code from either of these methods. Enter the confirmation code into the next field labeled Confirmation Code.

Step 7 - Click the Register button on the bottom right of this box. Then, if all is correct you should end up on the following screen. Click the Done button on the next box. If you didn't get to this point, please check your confirmation code is correct.

Step 8 - Click the Apps button in the menu bar. Then click Create a New App from the dropdown menu.

Step 9 - Enter a Display Name (your app name) and Namespace (optional) in the boxes and select a Category for your app then click Continue

Step 10 - Complete the Security Check and click Continue

Step 11 - Click on the Settings button in the side menu

Step 12 - Click + Add Platform button under the main information box in the middle of the screen

Step 13 - Click the iOS icon (apple) to add the following section to the page

Step 14 - Enter the Bundle ID provided to you by your Clubs ALIVE! Support team member in the Bundle ID field, switch the Single Sign On switch to Yes and click Save Changes

Step 15 - Click + Add Platform button under the iOS box in the middle of the screen

Step 16 - Click the Android icon (robot) to add the following section to the page

Step 17 - Enter the Key Hash below in the Key Hashes field, switch the Single Sign On switch to Yes and click Save Changes

Key Hash: 


Step 18 - Click on Dashboard from the side menu. Then make a note of your App ID which appears directly under the name of the App and log out of Facebook

Step 19 - Navigate back to your App Management Portal and the Club Details page. Enter the Facebook App ID in the Facebook App ID field

Step 20 - Click Save at the bottom of the page and your done for now

Please Note: For the moment, your Facebook integration is private (or sandboxed). When your app is ready to be published, we will inform you that it can be made public. At that point follow the instructions below.

Congratulations! You have just completed one of the more difficult tasks required to integrate your new mobile app and your Facebook account. This integration is entirely optional and your members can still have all of the features available in your app without having to integrate with Facebook. However, if you provide your members with an ability to post Club information to their wall, they can encourage their friends to join them at the Club. When you've received instruction that your app is ready to publish, return to this page and follow the steps below to activate the Facebook Integration. Now you're ready to enter the Flurry App Key so you can progress to Flurry Integration.

Tip: Be very careful entering your Facebook App ID. There is no room for error so either copy and paste from within the Facebook Developers page or check that you have written down and then enter the correct App ID before leaving the Facebook page.

Activate Facebook Integration

Step 1 - Log back into Facebook with your Club account and navigate to https://developers.facebook.com

Step 2 - Click Status & Review on the side menu.

Step 3 - Move the switch next to your app name labelled "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?" to Yes.

Congratulations! Your Facebook Integration should now be live.

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