KB2002: Flurry Integration

Description: Measuring results and the performance of your new app is an important part of your marketing plan. You need to know how many of your members have your app on their device, what sections of the app are being used the most, how long members have the app open for and what marketing activities are working. We use the Flurry service to deliver this information. In order for you to get access to this analytical data, follow the Steps below.

Step 1 - Your Clubs Alive Support Team will create an invitation in Flurry to facilitate your login. You will receive an email from Flurry asking you to create an account. You should click on the link in the email and create a login using the same email address that was used to read the invitation. This email address is attached to your app within the Flurry service.

Step 2 - Once your account is created, you can login and start to investigate the data for your Club's mobile app.

Tip: Data analysis can be an exhaustive process. For now, just look to see how many members have the app, how active they are and on what days of the week. This will be the first stage in understanding member's usage and your skills and experience will grow the more times you login and see the results.

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