KB3001: First Time Login

Description - In this article, e are going to go through a first time login. We will cover how a member logs in, what information is entered and why that is critical to the process and what can go wrong. The login process is actually quite simple and each step has a reason for being part of the process that will become evident as we go through this process. Follow the steps closely and you will be an expert troubleshooter by the end if something appears to be failing.

Step 1 - Open the app on your device and select Login from the main menu

Step 2 - Press the option to Request Password

Step 3 - Enter your Member Name (this will be first name and last name separated by a space but for members with hyphenated names, it just needs to match what was uploaded in the database sync process; it is not case sensitive)

Step 4 - Enter your Post Code (this will be the same four digit post code that was uploaded when the database was uploaded)

Step 5 - Enter your Date of Birth (the date of birth is in a dd/mm/yyy format so just use the scrolling wheels to select the right date and press Done at the top right of the screen when you have chosen the correct date)

Step 6 - Press Request Password again and the app will send a message out to the Club database to match the information against the data on file.

Note: An email is sent to the member using the email address that was uploaded and  recorded at the time of the last database sync.

Step 7 - Once the member receives the email (usually takes around two or three minutes) note the username and password, go back to the app on the device and enter the Username and Password exactly as shown in the email; then press Login

Note: Providing you entered the correct information, you will be logged into the app and you will see your name and the number of Rewards points in your account at the top of the menu.

Tip: This whole process works and works well if the data you upload is up to date and in the correct format. The old saying "garbage data in equals garbage results out" and is very true in this instance. Keeping your Club's database current and accurate is going to mean more members can login successfully and use the app. The app delivers points information direct to the device for logged in members so there MUST be an authentication involved. The member must also have a mechanism for changing their password in the event their security is compromised on the device. This is why the post code is requested and the app has been built so that the people managing the front desk at the Club do not have to be involved in resetting passwords.

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