KB4001: Start Marketing Your App

Description - Now it's time to start getting your new mobile phone app onto your members phones. There are tons of ways you can get the message out so here are just a few we know that have worked for others.

The mobile app will not promote itself but it will eventually once a level of installation amongst members is achieved. Your Club needs to adopt the platform and promote using some of your existing channels in the first few months.

These can include :

  1. DL flyers at reception with QR code directing members to download the app
  2. Electronic Screens in the Club
  3. Have your front office staff tell members about the app as they walk through the front door
  4. Show the app installed for a free drink at the Club
  5. Put a message on your website with a link to the download page in the app stores
  6. Send an email out to members telling them about what you've just created and encourage them to download and install
  7. Post an advert to your screens around the Club
  8. Have a promotion, give an incentive to any member that comes to the reception and shows the app on their mobile phone
  9. Publicize the new app in your Club magazine or newsletter
  10. Once you get the app onto a few hundred phones, do a Push Notification encouraging members with the app to introduce a friend and offer a two for one coffee available on a slower morning in the Cafe
  11. Ask your bar and serving staff to mention the app when they serve your members
  12. Put an advert in your local community newspaper for this weeks entertainment and tell your community about your new app
  13. Mention your new app on your Facebook page and post some information about the benefits of having it on the phone

The more members adopt the app, the more value your Club will get from advertising and promoting their facilities.

Members need to get value from the app to

  1. put it on their mobile device and
  2. leave it there.

Tip: These are just a sample of the things you can do to promote your new mobile app. The process of getting the app onto phones is an ongoing one and eventually will gather some pace once a few hundred members are using the app. Keep going, do something every couple of days and when members can see they are getting value from the Promotions and Events at your Club they will spread the message for you.

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