KB4002: Send a Push Notification

Description - This is the part you have been waiting for. Once you work your way through this section, you will be able to send out a Notification right to your members phones. You can notify them when you have a special at the Club or a Promotion you want to remind them about. Send them a two-for-one offer so they come in at a quiet time... there are lots of ways you can use Push Notifications to promote your Club and all the great benefits to members.

Step 1 - Login to your App Management Portal and select Send Push Notifications

Step 2 - Type your message into the first field remembering to limit your message to something short with impact - less is more and your members are more likely to leave the setting on so they get your message if your messages are short and direct

Step 3 - You can link your Push Notification to a Promotion so if this is what you would like to do, select the Promotion to link and move on to selecting the devices to send your message to

Step 4 - You can filter who receives your message all the way from all of your members with the app, those with the app and logged in, certain members or all of your anonymous members. If you are logged in to your app, do some testing by just selecting yourself in the filtering section and send out a notification. This is the best way to test.

Step 5 - Click Send Notification.  Your message will pop up in around 5 seconds

Tip: Start out by sending a simple message to yourself. Choose your name from the list of logged in members and watch as your message arrives. Once you get more comfortable sending out Notifications, start to send to a wider group before progressing to the whole membership with your app. This tool is one of the key reasons you have the app so use it to promote your facilities or events but use it sparingly to get the best results....and check your typing before you click Send!

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